Hedrick, IA is located just off of hwy 149. Extended shopping is available within 25 minutes, in Oskaloosa, Ottumwa's Quincy Place Mall, and the county seat Sigourney. Within 60 minutes NW at Williamsburg, Rt. 80 is the Tanger Outlet Mall.


Founded in 1882, Hedrick is in the extreme southwestern corner of Keokuk County, just off Highway 149. Hedrick was named after Civil War General John Morrow Hedrick, who encouraged its development. The current population of 837 has been reached, since its heyday of 3 railroads, 7 churches, and its kite-shaped mile racetrack and amphitheater, which was torn down in 1900 for land development. The last train rolled through in 1980, but the historic Union Depot is still standing. Historical markers mark the location of the racetrack and of the Hedrick School building. The district has been a part of the Pekin School System since 1991. Hedrick is proud of its updated sewer and water systems, natural gas, cable television, and of its parks. It is presently involved in an urban renewal program designed to attract new and reconstructed housing, as well as new business. We invite you to become a part of its progress. (To see historical pictures click here.)

Hedrick City Hall
109 Main Street
Hedrick, IA 52563-0167