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Water Bills


Due to the number of delinquent water bills in town, here at City Hall we are focusing on implementing existing ordinances to remedy the situation.  As our ordinances state, utility bills are due on the 15th of every month and you have 10 days after the due date to pay the bill.  After 10 days service can be shut off.  Starting on November 15, 2021, we will send a letter to all accounts that have not had a payment made by the 15th.  This letter will be a reminder to pay before the last day of the current month we are in.  If payment is not received or arrangements made with the City Clerk for payment by the last day of the month, service will be turned off on the first of the following month.  We are encouraging residents to not hesitate to contact City Hall if you are having trouble making your payment,  we will still work with residents to help get utility bills caught up. Though once service has been shut off, it can not be turned on again until account has been paid in full including a $25 rehook up fee. 

If you are currently on a payment plan with the city, your current amount due and your payment plan amount or the combined set amount agreed to in your payment plan is due each month.  If payment is not made as agreed to and service is shut off, payment in full along with the rehook up fee will be due to have service restored.  The payment plan will no longer be valid.

SIEDA does have a program going at this time to help people who have a disconnect notice, are currently disconnected, or unable to fulfill their current payment plan.  If you are interested in learning more about the LIHWAP program, you can contact City Hall or contact SIEDA at 641-682-8741.

Please contact City Hall with any questions regarding utility accounts and/or payments.